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Services Provided: Airborne total spore counts for mold on 6/3/24

Please leave a review.: Steve Plough from Pace Field Services conducted our home testing on 6/3, and we received a very thorough report on 6/6. Unbelievable turnaround time! Steve was equally incredible! Having had experience with mold in the past, we had many questions and Steve spent a lot of time with us on the phone and via email. We felt very informed and confident in his services before he ever even came to the house. The report is very detailed and explanatory. The cost is very reasonable. The confidence we feel with the results is priceless. We highly recommend Steve and his company and are very grateful for the recommendation we had received to contact him! Our experience 100% matched the recommendation we had received!
Rosie P.
Services Provided: Air and wipe samples of household dust gathered and tested

Steve gathered samples and provided test results in a timely manner. Good company and would recommend.
Jeanette Freeman
Project: Mold Air Test

Please leave a review.: Steve is a total class act, who knows what he is looking for and explains it thoroughly. I have unfortunately dealt with a lot of different inspectors and even remediation companies throughout this entire process; it seems like the majority of them don't know anyhing about mold but they are there to collect your money. Steve knows what he is doing and he took the time to thoroughly explain things to me. He got my results back quickly, qnd helped me to FINALLY have knowledge of what was going on with my home; answers I had been in pursuit of for a long long time. I can't recommend his work enough. He is honest and has excellent work ethic, which is a rare find these days!
Stacy M.
Project: Air Quality Test

We’re very satisfied with the testing Steve did and any further testing we will use your company
Donald Smith
Project: Mold Testing

Steve was very responsive and explained how the different mold tests work. Thanks for a timely test result.
Services Provided: Mold Spores Test

Steve Plough was prompt, polite, knowledgeable, and answered all my questions. The results on the tests he conducted inside and outside my home were reassuring to me.
Robert M.
Project: Mold Test

Steve is great to work with for mold testing! He scheduled in quickly and answered all my questions with a speedy turnaround on the results.
Jennifer Hollander
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

Nice and polite, explained things to me and I understood.
Marybeth R.
Evansville, KY
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

They are great! They work well with finding and address the problem!
Gail P.
Madisonville, KY
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

Fast response, flexible scheduling, very friendly. Definitely a good choice! He even sent a sample report to compare my results.
Karla R.
Evansville, IN
Project: Mold & Radon Monitoring

Outstanding service with very professional yet personal approach/touch!! PACE clearly communicated specifics regarding the monitoring data and provided detailed results in an extremely timely manner!! I'd rate the Service provided by PACE as 5 out of 5 Stars!! Again; OUTSTANDING!!
Tom C.
Evansville, IN
Project: Air Testing/Mold Testing

I was very pleased with the quick return on my phone call and fast, friendly service I received.
Lucas D.
Evansville, IN
Project: Mold & Radon Test

Steve was very thorough in explaining what services could be done over the phone when I spoke with him. Jennifer was so kind and completed the mold test and set up the radon test in a timely manner. We were very thankful about the results and would highly recommend Pace to anyone needing these services.
Jessalyn Knight
Evansville, IN
Project: Mold Testing

Steve was very open and communicative throughout the testing process. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to educate us and answered all questions thoroughly. He was very timely with getting results and flexible when working with us on a schedule.
Lisa Joleen Stevens
Evansville, IN
Project: Mold Testing

Did a great job as usual. Have used these guys for years. They are reasonable and responsive
Will McEuen
Evansville, IN
Project: Mold Testing

Steve is very professional and provides quick results. Highly recommended for mold testing!
Evansville, IN
Project: Air Quality Mold Testing

Steve I can’t thank you enough for your promptness in getting this testing done for us! Jenniffer was a pleasure to work with. She answered all my questions and was very professional while performing her work. I will highly recommend your company to other churches and individuals in our conference and community.
Wayne Elliott
Evansville, IN
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Steven conducted mold testing at my home. He was able to do the test the next day and provided quick, reliable results soon after. Would definitely recommend!
Denise Tresor
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I am new to the area and have allergies and also allergic to various molds. PACE had excellent reviews so I went with them to test my home for air quality, but mostly molds. They were very quick to fit me in on the schedule and were highly professional. I received my results back sooner than expected and was glad to hear my house got a clean report; which was also explained so I could understand the numbers and his overall opinion of the results. I had a great experience and would highly recommend P.A.C.E.; if nothing else for peace of mind! Thanks again
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We are pleased with our experience with P.A.C.E.. Steven was very knowledgeable, professional and efficient. I recommend using Steve and his team if you need any type of environmental analysis.
Ashley Hicks
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Not enough kind words I can say about this company. Steve is very very knowledgeable in this field. He honestly takes his job seriously and is extremely educated and know what he is doing.He knows how dangerous mold can be. He truly takes the time to answer any and all of your questions. He has tested our home several times. He is extremely thorough and he truly puts his customers first. Thank you for all your help. And keeping our family safe and providing top customer service. I wouldn't trust anyone but this company with air quality testing
Patti Jones
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Recently been having some asthma/allergy type issues and needed the air quality checked in my duplex. I called Steve at PACE on a Monday and here was there the next day. Got my test results back by Friday! Very professional and fast service. Reasonable price too!
Angela Cardozo
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I can't say enough about how great this company is. I have used them twice. They were very fast at helping me with my mold issues. Steve is very knowledgeable in this field. He always took time to answer all my questions when I emailed it called him. I highly recommend this company!
Tracy Robb
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Service was super fast and professional. Steve was easy to work with and flexible with scheduling a time where I could be home to meet with them. The results were relayed to me promptly as promised. PACE solved the problem and offered up a variety of solutions. Highly recommend!
JohnMichael Deisher
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I work for Servpor of Vincennes and when I have a customer that request air quality testing I give Steve a call! He and his staff are professional and great to work with!
Cassie Storie
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I enjoyed working with this company in regards to air quality testing. Steve was very easy to work with and very professional. Their services were exactly what I was looking for in a company. The air quality results were relayed to me very quickly and with great detail. I definitely recommend using this company.
Kim Jost
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P.A.C.E. service was prompt and efficient. I found Steve's knowledge regarding mold and air quality extremely helpful. Results received in a timely manner. I would recommend P.A.C.E. services.
Yis Einhorn
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Steve is a great guy. Easy to work with and gets the job the done!
Andrew Clayton
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Very quick service and thorough reporting.
Greg P.
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Had a mold inspection done by Steve and his attention to detail and knowledge of the subject was excellent.
Joe Lewis
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Told them what I needed done and they recommended a better solution for my problem other than costing me an arm and a leg for individual services I didnt need
Rachel Tan
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