Keep Your Customers Safe From Contaminated Air

Count on us for compressed air testing in Evansville, IN

The International Organization for Standardization requires that certain contaminants be removed from industrial compressed air often used in brake systems, air tools and food manufacturing. When you need compressed air testing done in the Evansville, IN area, trust the pros at P.A.C.E. Field Services Inc for a thorough job.

Our tests can detect the presence of:

  • Gasses
  • Oil
  • Water

These types of particles can make their way from the compressed air container into the final product and contaminate it.

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Why is compressed air testing so important?

Compressed air is often used in industries where impurities can cause serious harm to a consumer. In food manufacturing, for instance, impurities can pose a health risk to anyone who ingests them. Compressed air testing is crucial for preventing that kind of contamination.

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