Could Your Workplace Be Damaging Your Hearing?

Depend on us for noise dosimetry testing in Evansville, IN

Did you know that a loud workplace can cause hearing damage? If you work in the construction industry or another environment where noise levels are louder than busy city traffic, you probably need noise dosimetry testing. The experts at P.A.C.E. Field Services Inc can determine if your business is required by law to provide hearing protection and noise reduction efforts.

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How does a noise dosimetry test work?

When you hire us for noise dosimetry testing, we'll:

  • Give you a small noise meter for you to wear during your workday.
  • Monitor your noise exposure over the course of your shift.
  • Compare the results to OSHA's exposure limits.
  • Identify the areas on your site that exceed those limits.
  • Offer guidance about what to do to mitigate excessive noise exposure.

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